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System requirements

This is page is about how to acquire EECH.

How to acquire EECH?



The best place to score is the internet. Here is a list/chart where you could find one:

  1. GOG has republished a download version of EECH for $5.99. This is probably going to be the easiest way to get EECH. They also sell EEAH.
  2. eBay may have some used copies for sale.
  3. and sells copies, too. Often at higher rates.
  4. Sometimes, there's a new topic about it at a subforum of SimHQ. Like:
  5. Try Google


  • Expect something between €2 and €15 on eBay. Amazon uses higher rates, sometimes even the original price tag ($70+)!
  • Generally, the shipment will take between 2 and 9 days.
  • When you buy a CD at a low price. Be aware, you'll probably only going to buy the CD (without a box or manual).
  • The manual is always available on the EECH CD or can be downloaded here.
  • If you're lucky you'll occasionally find someone selling EECH with a manual on eBay.

Retail Store

It is possible that a local retail store sells the game, but very uncommon.


The original Apache Havoc and Comanche Hokum can be purchased and downloaded from

Copyright.png We cannot offer a download of the full version, since the copyright owner has not given us the right to distribute EECH. EECH is not freeware, albeit the source code has been release.

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