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Attention.png The advanced TSD with PFZ is only supported by the Apache AH-64D Longbow!

Displaying an underlay (map) and an overlay (TSD) at the same time.

The Apache's tactical situation display (TSD) (an MFD page) is very powerful for both navigation and targeting. The TSD can display an overlay and underlay at the same time! Priority fire zones (PFZs) makes the TSD even more powerful.

Note: There's an ambiguousness in the word TSD. Which can refer to the TSD MFD and the TSD overlay.

Overlays and underlays

The TSD can cycle through 3 overlays and 3 underlays.


  • target
  • navigation
  • target + navigation (default)


  • none (default)
  • map
TSD with TADS imagery.
  • TADS imagery


KeyD.jpg cycle through overlays
KeyShift.jpg + KeyD.jpg cycle through underlays
KeyCtrl.jpg + KeyD.jpg cycle between map shades
KeyAlt.jpg + KeyD.jpg cycle between map colors

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