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Brevity codes are designed to convey complex information with a few words. They used by various military air forces and air defense personnel and are used in multi service operations. Using the codes improves understanding.

Here's a list of popular or interesting brevity codes used in the game by human players.

code description
active An active radar. As radar will also reveal your position, its wise to use radar sparsely.
bandit A known air threat.
blind No direct sight at a target, beyond visual range.
bogey Unknown air unit (could be either friendly or enemy).
brevity Radio is becoming saturated, briefer transmissions must follow.
buddy spike Detecting friendly air units by using air radar. Your buddy will be notified about a possible air threat. Which is annoying as it's a false threat, which can cause late response in situations where immediate action is required.
bump up Gaining a valid line of sight or lock.
buzzer Sounds made by the jammers.
capping Initiate a CAP over an area during a mission.
cease Discontinuing firing or engagement, continue target tracking.
chicks Friendly aircraft.
clean No targets, no damage.
clicks Distance in kilometers.
closing As in "closing in on the enemy", as the range is getting decreased significantly.
cleared Fire engagement is authorized.
confetti Chaff lane or corridor.
contact Enemy air unit.
continue dry Ordnance release not authorized.
echelon Formation with wingman displaced approximately 45 degrees behind leader's 3/9 line.
engage Initiate the attack.
estimate Estimate of the size, range, height (or other parameters) of a specified contact.
faded Radar contact is lost.
fast movers Target speed is estimated to be Mach 1 or greater.
fence in Set cockpit switches as appropriate prior to entering the combat area.
flash Temporarily turn off the IFF discriminator.
fox two The launch of an IR missile.
fox three The launch of an active radar-guided missile.
lock Primarily to a missile engagement a target has to be locked. A valid lock is telling that a quick engagement is possible.
lost contact Radar contact is lost.
pop Starting climb before an attack.
rapid LOBL mode.
riple LOAL mode.
scramble Takeoff as quickly as possible.
unable Cannot comply (as requested).
weapons free Allow engagements.
weapons safe / weapons hold Disallow engagements.
weapons tight Allow engagements, only on confirmed hostiles.
what state Report amount of missiles remaining.
visual A direct sight at a target.
winchester Out of ammo.

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