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The map screen.

This table should give you more understanding of realtime military force icons in the campaign screen.

Ground Forces

Icon Name Image Example Threat priority Comments
High Threat: Some infantry carries surface to air missiles (SAM). They are hard to detect, because they are invisible to radar.
Artillery Howitzer icon.png
Artillery Howitzer.jpg
High If you request artillery in game, these guys helps you out.

Threat: Only at close ranges. Howitsers are equiped with machines guns.

Artillery icon.png
Anti Aircraft Artillery
High Their task is to shoot down aircraft.

Threat: This vehicle should get your immediate attention! It's range is simular to the helicopter. Their missiles travel at higher speeds than your anti tank missiles! (e.g. It's possible it hits you first, albeit you lauched first)

MBT icon.png
Medium The main battle tank is the elite form of cavalry.Threat: It's secondaire gun is a machine gun. It can pin down aircraft.
Cavalry: Heavily armed infantry vehicle
High Threat: It can shoot guided missiles. And is more dangerous than regular infantry vehicles.
Men Carrier icon.png
Cavalry: Infantry Vehicle
Men Carrier.jpg
Medium An infantry vehicle allows infantry to travel with higher speeds and gives armoured protection.

Threat: It's equiped with a launching tube and and machine gun to engage enemy aircraft.

Sea Force

Icon Name Image Example Threat priority Comments
Carrier icon.png Carrier

Threat: It has surface to air missiles.

Frigate icon.png Frigate

Threat: It has surface to air missiles.

Air Force

Icon Name Image Example Threat priority Comments
Cargo Heli icon.png Helicopter: Cargo
Carge Heli.jpg
None Task: Deliver cargo and attack ground targets.

Threat: They're not equiped to attack aircraft.

Attack Heli icon.png Helicopter: Attack/Assault
Attack Heli.jpg
High Task: Same as yours, e.g. attack ground forces. They're heavily armed to protect themselves!

Threat: They're able and likely to attack other aircraft inferior or equal to them.

Fighter icon.png Fighter
Very (!) High Task: Attacks

Threat: They're superior to helicopters. Do not get noticed by them!

Cargo Plane icon.png Plane
Cargo Plane.jpg
None Task: Deliver cargo.

Threat: They're not able to attack.


Although bases itself cannot return fire. They are heavily defended by other military forces. Like anti aircraft artillery and fighters on patrol.

Icon Name Image Example Threat priority Comments
Airport icon.png Airport
Base for all aircraft. And is able to produce ground forces!
Base for planes only. Although, it's able to rearm and refuel helicopters!
FARP icon.png FARP
Base for helicopters only.

Note: FARP: forward arming and refueling point.

Transmitter icon.png Transmitter
Refinery icon.png Refinery
Produces fuel.

Which will be shipped with supply missions.

Power Station icon.png Power Station
Power Station.jpg
Military Base icon.png Military Base
Military Base.jpg
Produces ammo.

Which will be shipped with supply missions.

Produces a small amount (0.2x) of fuel and ammo.

Campaign objectives


To win a campaign all the campaign objectives must be completed. Campaign objective are structural targets, who must be overtaken. Campaign objectives are visible on the campaign screen by a bold icon.


In Game.JPG Map Screen.PNG
The situation in 3D. The same situation in the campaign screen.

Try to practice recognizing vehicles and there respective icons.

See also

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