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Main screen in dedicated server mode.

A dedicated server is more like the classic server/client configuration. Normally in EECH is that a player hosts a game which others can join. With dedicated server mode the host runs a server, which others can join, along with himself.

dedicated server set up
EECH default set up
Green for the host player.

Cons and Pros

There aren't really major advantages for running a dedicated server, just some minor things.

  • Rating-plus.png It can be started with a command line, which gives oppertunities to restart a campaign once crashed or every 5 days or so.
  • Rating-minus.png Doesn't have the ability to save.
  • Rating-plus.png It gives the ability to skip all the menu to pass through needed to start up a game.

Setting up a dedicated server

  1. open eech.ini
    • look for parameter dedicated
      set its value to 1 to enable dedicated server mode
    • look for parameter usemaster
      set its value to 1
  2. DEDICATED bat.png
    open DEDICATED.BAT with Notepad
    path: C:\Program Files\Razorworks\cohokum\DEDICATED.BAT
  3. make a command line yourself in the file or pick one already made
    example: cohokum dedicated:1 game_type:3 gunship_type:0 path:..\common\maps\map5 directory:skirm01 filename:lebanon.skr
    This example will start a skirmish on Libanon terrain.


  • "rem" means that the current line isn't part of the algorithm.
  • Only dedicated and pauseserv are utilized parameters in eech.ini for setting up a dedicated server.
  • pauseserv parameters will pause the server if there are no players active.