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This page is for those who intend to develop this game by programming the source code. Please note that the code was made available under the terms of this licence.

About the source code

The source code is written in C.


Acquire source code

Developers have their own mailing-list. To subscribe to the list send an email to:

The source code is hosted in a Git repository. In order to download a copy ('clone') of the source code, you will need an account. In order to get one, ask for an account on the development list (please provide your firstname/lastname and a username), and state that you agree to the EECH License. Please note that usually people are only given a read-only account at first. For instructions on how to download the copy once an account was created, see this page.


The first step is to get OpenWatcom. Version 1.3 and 1.7a are known to compile. Other compilers or versions may work, but you will probably have to fix some errors for it to compile, OpenWatcom 1.3 should compile it without problem, in 1.7 you will have to add "#undef INTERFACE" right before "include <ole2.h>" in dplay.h (one of the files from the directx SDK, see next paragraph).

DirectX SDK

You will also need Microsoft's DirectX SDK.

For Watcom to find the DirectX libraries and headers, copy the content from the Lib and Include directories from the DirectX SDK to the lib386\nt and h\nt directories respectively in the Watcom install.

Download.png download DirectX SDK


First make a directory linklib under /modules and copy all the libs from DXSDK\lib (in the DirectX SDK files) to that new directory.

To compile go to the aphavoc directory in the source. There are several scripts used for compiling there. The most useful are:

  • dmake, to make a debug build
  • cmake, to make a release build
  • remake, to make one from the other

It is important to edit the scripts dmake and cmake to have the correct ROOTPATH before start building. This is the directory where the source is installed.

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