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Aim of this tutorial

This tutorial explains how to install several versions of EECH on the same computer, and how to create a batch file to switch easily between two versions of EECH. I took the examples of v1.15.4 and v1.16.0, but the tutorial can be adapted to any versions.

Step 0 : Installation

The two versions need to be installed as described hereafter in order to have the batch file to work. The drive, path and name of the folders is up to you. The only requirement is that the installation, first version and second version folders must be in the same folder (in my case "Plane Games").

I installed EECH on the K: drive, and the installation path was K:\Plane Games\EECH.
I patched it to v1.15.4 and renamed its folder EECH1154. Its path is now K:\Plane Games\EECH1154
I install EECH again to the same path K:\Plane Games\EECH
I patched it to v1.16.0 and renamed its folder EECH1160. Its path is now K:\Plane Games\EECH1160

Step 1 : Write down the paths

In my case, the relevant data are :
Drive : K:
Installation folder name : EECH
Installation path : K:\Plane Games\EECH
First version folder name : EECH1154
First version path : K:\Plane Games\EECH1154
Second version folder name : EECH1160
Second version path : K:\Plane Games\EECH1160

Just note down your own paths and folder names.

Step 2 : Creating the batch file

Open the notepad and create a txt file anywhere you like. Copy and paste the following lines:

@ECHO  __________________________________________
@ECHO ! EECH - Choose your version
@ECHO !__________________________________________
@ECHO 1 - Version 1.15.4
@ECHO 2 - Version 1.16.0
@ECHO off

set /p choice= Type the selected version of EECH (1/2) then press Enter?

if /I "%choice%"=="1" (goto :a)
if /I "%choice%"=="2" (goto :b)
goto question

ren "K:\Plane Games\EECH1154" "EECH"
cd "K:\Plane Games\EECH\cohokum"
start /wait cohokum.exe
cd /
ren "K:\Plane Games\EECH" "EECH1154"

ren "K:\Plane Games\EECH1160" "EECH"
cd "K:\Plane Games\EECH\cohokum"
start /wait cohokum.exe
cd /
ren "K:\Plane Games\EECH" "EECH1160"

Step 3 : Path set-up

Make sure that all data are set according to YOUR installation and version folder names and paths.

Caution : all names with space between words must be quoted. Enemy Engaged would become "Enemy Engaged", as shown in the example at the bottom of the page.

Step 4 : Save as

Save the txt as EECH-Launcher.txt and change the extension from .txt to .bat. You can also create a shortcut to this file on your desktop.

Step 5 : Enjoy

Double-click on the bat file (or the shortcut), and a windows will open asking to choose which version you want to play.

Mission accomplished! You are done.

The code is not too complex, and can be easily adapted to three versions.

I hope it will be somewhat interesting for you!


Drive : C:
Installation folder name : Enemy Engaged
Installation path : C:\Program Files\Enemy Engaged
First version folder name : Version 15.4
First version path : C:\Program Files\Version 15.4
Second version folder name : Version 16.0
Second version path : C:\Program Files\Version 16.0

In the code :

ren "C:\Program Files\Version 15.4" "Enemy Engaged"
cd "C:\Program Files\Enemy Engaged\cohokum"
start /wait cohokum.exe
cd /
ren "C:\Program Files\Enemy Engaged" "Version 15.4"

ren "C:\Program Files\Version 16.0" "Enemy Engaged"
cd "C:\Program Files\Enemy Engaged\cohokum"
start /wait cohokum.exe
cd /
ren "C:\Program Files\Enemy Engaged" "Version 16.0"