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* Preserving proportions of background screens for wide displays  
* Preserving proportions of background screens for wide displays  
* No test of video modes on enumeration
* No test of video modes on enumeration

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This page shows the developments of this game over the years.


A graphical timeline of important events.

Developments survey


Razor R logo black.png An official patch.
Star icon.png An important event.
Star icon.png An interesting event.
Green check.png A stable game version.


Date Version Comments
Star icon.png Released: Enemy Engaged: Apache vs. Havoc (EEAH)
Star icon.png Released: Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs. Hokum (EECH)
2000-03-21 Razor R logo black.png  1.0.2C
2000-05-03 Razor R logo black.png  1.3.0C
2000-05-11 Razor R logo black.png  1.4.0C
2000-05-13 Released: Demo
2000-05-26 Razor R logo black.png  1.4.1C
2000-06-09 Razor R logo black.png  1.4.1X
2000-06-19 Razor R logo black.png  1.4.2X
Released: GSS 1.6 by Richard "Flexman" Hawley
2000-06-27 Razor R logo black.png  1.4.3X
2000-06-30 Released: GSS 1.7 by Richard "Flexman" Hawley
2000-07-03 Razor R logo black.png  1.4.4X
2000-07-04 Released: GSS 1.8 by Richard "Flexman" Hawley
2000-07-06 Razor R logo black.png  1.4.5X
2000-07-07 Released: GSS 1.82 by Richard "Flexman" Hawley
2000-08 Release: US version
2000-08-08 Cross icon.gif Combatsim.com closes EECH forum
2000-08-09 Released: GSS 1.83 by Richard "Flexman" Hawley
Star icon.png EECH Mods take off
2000-10-03 Released: GSS 1.84 by Richard "Flexman" Hawley
2000-11-20 Razorworks is acquired by Empire.
2000-12-03 The EECH Mods Group and Daniel "DeStRo" Blazevic release WUT.
2001-04-12 Released: TexImpEx 1.0 by Blaze
2001-04-18 Released: BED 1.0 by Robfox
2001-05-30 Razor R logo black.png  1.4.6X
2001-06-09 1.5.1B
2001-06-21 Released: WUT 2.1 by DeStRo
2001-07-20 Alaska 1.0 release
2001-08-15 1.5.1C Plus
2002-11-25 Razorworks announces the impending release of the source code.
Razor R logo black.png  1.4.7X
Star icon.png Released: source code
2003-03-18 1.6.0X
2003-03-30 1.6.0W
2003-04-02 1.6.0W2
1.6.0W5 "eech.ini", downwash effect included, TrackIR not included, multiplayer buggy
2003-04-08 1.6.0W6 random task assignments that mess up the gameplay fixed, small eech.ini fixes that cau-sed crashes, keyboard behavior back to normal
1.6.0W7 Multiplayer is sort of stable, downwash fixes, and a hack that allows multiplayer at the cost of the client's downwash effect, experimental multiplayer "fix" that should result in more stable games. dual-redundant masterserver ping, primary and secondary masterser-ver ini settings & command line options work. New default values added. Fly any aircraft fixes.
2003-04-19 1.6.0W8
Star icon.png
  • added: TrackIR support,
  • added: mappable joystick
  • added: rudder pedals support
  • fixed: unstable multiplayer
2003-05-26 1.6.0W9 In-game multiplayer server browser, Ability to limit the number of players in a multiplayer game (default is 4), new realistic looking moving map display (elevation colours or relief), High-resolution MFD's, The Comanche and Apache FLIR displays are now black&white, Thicker downwash effect, CBAR values works for EECH campaigns now (they previously only worked for EEAH campaign), "tab-2" CTD fix
1.6.0W11 Pick a returning chopper to fly rogue. Spot the wanted Helo in the 2D-map, click on it, ac-cept, auto-select and off you go (you can't choose it from the mission or group list since it has no task), Blackhawk and Hind flyable, regardless of the faa-setting in eech.ini, Black-hawk and Hind loadout configuration enabled, W11 is possibly more stable in MP.
2004-01-18 1.6.0W12 Changes in the MP server code, Full TrackIR support, Mouse controlled FLIR, Cockpit inset window, Campaign commander in map screen, Satellite view (in cockpit and in map window), Mouse controlled map screen (zoom, panning), Configurable radar ranges and cannon ammo amount, Blackhawk and Hind returned to not flyable w/o faa=1, AH64-A and KA50 added as configurable choppers.
1.6.0W13 More changes in the MP-code, Session filter, if active it will suppress any host that runs a map you don’t have, Session filter buggy, Satellite view inactive
2004-03-03 1.6.0W14
Star icon.png
  • fixed: bugs of 1.6.0W13
  • advanced flight model
  • designated target list
  • able to read new style WUT files
GWUT tool by Gotcha
1.6.0W15 Default values of cpac, cgs, cpds changed, Comanche loadout-error in GWUT fixed
1.6.1W1 Fly_Any_Aircraft error when using GWUT-files fixed, MP-changes, Retractable gear on the Hind and KA-50, Doors working on the Hind, KA-50 and BlackHawk, New control screen in the options menu, Version check functional when joining in MP, Deadband around 59% throttle removed, Possible to reverse pedal axis
1.6.1W4 Green check.png
1.6.1W5 Green check.png
2005-03-25 1.6.2W1T4
2005-06-21 1.6.2W1T7
1.6.2W2 Green check.png
2005-11-20 1.6.2W2T3
2005-11-22 1.6.2W2T4
2005-12-05 1.6.2W2T5
2005-12-06 1.6.2W2T6 better handling of custom campaigns (including dynamic water), Alexander Archipelago campaign recognized, "season" texture information to choose desert/summer/winter textures automatically (if present), season information is saved with savegames and transmitted in MP, improved framerates with TSD colour map display at 10 and 25km scales (set mfr to a high value in eech.ini), z-buffer switch in eech.ini improves runway disappearing, working cockpit dials and lamps for the Havoc
2005-12-07 1.6.2W2T7
2005-12-26 1.6.2W2T9
1.6.2W3 Green check.png
  • Added: warzones
  • Added: in-game season
  • Added: "extended_textures" in eech.ini
  • Added: cockpit dials and lights for Havoc and Hind
  • Fixed: disappearing of runways when landing. Though, landing pads still disappear.
  • Added: a toggle key for the high LOD feature.
  • Added: 3 night vision brightness levels.
  • Added: more HUD colours
  • HUD size and colour config are saved in eech.ini per gunship.
  • Added: flight formations (diamond, ragged left and ragged right).
  • Added: keycard

2006-06-22 1.6.2W4T1
2006-06-30 1.6.2W4T2
2006-07-15 1.6.2W4T3
2006-08-20 1.7.0
Star icon.png
  • auto-rotation
  • realistic engine
  • new HUD for Ka-52
  • transition mode
  • high resolution MFDs
  • new weapons MFD page for Apache
  • new engine sounds
  • sound reduction when closing canopy doors
  • separate key for manually opening and closing canopy doors
  • F1 centers the view in mouse look
2006-08-22 1.7.1
  • Fixed version number used for checking multiplayer compatibility
2006-10-15 1.7.2
  • New high-resolution HUD for the Mi-28 (similar to new Ka-52 HUD)
  • Track-IR and G-forces can now move head position also in Mi-28
  • Added heading tape to TSD for Comanche and Hokum
  • Further tweaking to low and medium speed flight dynamics.
  • Fixed bug with head pitch not being saved in wideview
  • Fixed bug with g-force_head_movement modifier in eech.ini not working properly.
  • Fixed bug with new Hokum HUD appearing only as a filled block in external view and in-ternal view without cockpit.
  • Fixed bug with tail rotor not being powerful enough to counteract torque with cross cou-pling disabled.
2006-12-23 1.8
Star icon.png
  • Manual laser and radar control, and laser must be active for laser guided missiles to gui-de
  • More realistic, higher trajectories for the Hellfire
  • Priority Fire Zones for the Longbow
  • New more restricted night vision view
  • New colour MFDs (for the Apache only)
1.8.1 Green check.png
  • Several bug fixes which came with the 1.8 release.
  • Longbow's threat warning MFD page (ASE) has got colours. SAM sites have RED rings, AAA yellow. IR missiles are red, radar missiles are yellow, and laser guided missiles are blue.
  • Added threat identification (Apache Longbow only).
  • Changed side selection screen for free flight to select specific helicopter type.
2007-01-18 1.8.2
  • Several bug fixes which came with the 1.8.1 release.
  • Addition items in the flight log.
  • With "realistic engine" initially the MFD screens and the HUD are turned off.
  • Cycle through Comanche's side MFDs.
  • Implemented non-linear axis for cyclic, collective and pedals.
  • AI wingmen won't any longer need to climb to get line of sight to target when firing radar guided hellfires.
  • Manually activating of the radar and laser.
  • AI will no longer waste guided air-to-surface missiles. They will not refire a guided missile at the same target until the first missile has missed (or hit but failed to destroy target).
  • Changed "usemaster" option in eech.ini to default to off.
2007-01 1.8.3
  • Several bug fixes which came with the 1.8.2 release.
1.8.4 Green check.png
  • Several bug fixes which came with the 1.8.3 release.
  • Fixed Hind's flight model which caused it suddently to do violent maneuvers.
  • Fixed so that mouse buttons can be used with the EO cameras again.
  • EECH will now check if the aphavoc directory exists in the same directory as cohokum.
Star icon.png Released: Enemy Engaged 2
2007-05-28 1.8.5
  • Added arrow keys as fine adjustment of trim. Useful in when helicopter is mostly trimmed, but just need some fine adjustment. Only works when using a joystick for cyclic control.
  • Added Shared Memory Export of flight data.
  • Added waypoint, weapon and NG RPM data to shared memory export.
  • Several crash fixes including when taking damage in Cobra and other helicopters with the general flight model.
2007-06-03 1.8.6
  • save games and multiplayer crashing fix introduced in 1.8.5.
  • export also the upfront display/ekran data to shared memory

1.9.0 Green check.png
Star icon.png
  • free camera mode
  • different Comanche HUD
  • realistic weapon ballistics
  • spiral Vihkr paths
  • full colored DTV
  • more detailed campaign map palette
  • Color MFDs for Alligator and Comanche
  • different smoke color
  • rockets have shorter burn time and faster acceleration
  • wobbly camera
  • adjustable update time for enemy unit positions on the campaign map
  • smoke persistence can now be set to 10 secs for older hardware
2008-02-08 1.10
Star icon.png
  • 3D Apache cockpit
  • EO camera:
    • ground spot locking
    • camera shaking when cannon is fired
  • ORT view for Apache
  • pedal trim
  • removed restrictions on screen resolutions
  • "trinnlaus" zoom
  • object rendering to fog border
  • support for background image themes
2008-02-08 1.10.1
  • bug fix: crashing when locking a target with EO
1.10.2 Green check.png
  • several bug fixes
  • co-pilot search and report targets
  • ability to lock target or ground point by clicking on TSD
2008-07-10 Razor R logo black.png
Star icon.png

Razorworks disbanded

1.11 Green check.png
Star icon.png
  • 3D Hind (Mi-24V) cockpit
  • Added noise maps.
  • several bug fixes
  • Added flight model for Mi-24V.
    • Including suspension modeling.
  • Rotor brake must be off for engine to start.
  • Now only one engine can be started at a time.
  • Adjustment to trim function.
  • Weapons use a rate of fire now.
  • Fixed bug where only one gun sound would be used even if several kind of guns were carried.
  • Added easter egg to Mi-24 cockpit.
  • EECH now supports custom scenes (created with Firebird's tool) in addition to custom 3D objects.
  • MFD export with color conversion, works now with 32 bit colordepth too(by mue)
  • Small adjustment to AI flight model.
  • Added option for disabling text messages.
2009-05-29 1.12
2009-06-18 1.12.1
  • Added two visual themes: one for Apache and one for Hind (by GCsDriver). Don't forget to set themes=2 in EECH.INI.
  • Added different maxfov settings for different cockpits in EECH.INI.
  • Suspension fix
  • Player-controllable Comanche, Apache, Blackhawk, Havoc and Hokum-B won't stand above or below surface (by W4chund).
  • Restored respecting of season for loaded saves.
  • Restored broken Alt-F3/F4 support.
2009-07-26 1.12.2
  • Added control over variable weather (see Random weather parameters in EECH.INI)
  • No cockpit view for some helicopter has MFDs with adjustable size (Alt-F11)
  • Fixed CTD with "flyable" A-10s and Harriers
2010-03-01 1.12.3
  • Added OpenAL support. Multiple (5.1) speakers may produce surrounding sound.
  • Improved loadout for Hind. Loadout is displayed correctly now (by dfang). Hind may carry
         o Missiles (Sturm) on wingtip and outer pylons
         o Rockets (S-5, S-8, S-13) on inner and outer pylons
         o Gun pods (UPK) on inner and outer pylons 
  • Canopy sounds amplification control.
     There are groups of sound effects
         o Rotor of player's helicopter
         o Rotor of other helicopters
         o Engine of player's helicopter
         o Engine of other helicopters
         o Misc of player's helicopter (gears, for example)
         o Misc of other helicopters
         o Guns
         o Environmental sounds 
  • Each group has three numbers associated used to calculate sound effect volume amplification:
     amplification = first / 100 + bound(canopy_door_state, 0, second) * third / 10000, where
     canopy_door_state varies from 0 (fully closed) to 100 (totally open)
     bound(x,y,z) produces y if x less than y, or z, if x greater than z, or x otherwise
     Check canopy_sounds_amp in Sounds section of EECH.INI
  • Turned on cgs (comms guaranteed send) by default
  • Removed demand for slash for command-line arguments
2010-05-14 1.13.0
  • Viper is a new and flyable helicopter (by dfang)
  • Improved data export (UDP- and SIOC-compatible ways)
  • In-cockpit sound volumes are adjusted (by Colonel_Kurtz)
         o Bug fixes 
  • Fixed low frame rate in Hind cockpit with the map enabled (map is not moving again)
  • Textures are unloaded always now.
  • Returned "heading follow mode" for chase camera.
  • Added MFD, HUD and arming screen names for TOWs.
2011-10-29 1.14.0
  • Previously missing Hokum, Comanche, Apache, Havoc cockpit textures (by Mapi)
  • Remapped and retextured (camo) military hardware (by Pesanur, Soczkien, dfang).
  • Added rotating wheels for player-controllable Apache-D, Hind, Havoc, Comanche (by dfang).
  • Added suspension for Apache (by dfang).
  • Explosion and smoke effects (by BANITA).
  • Rearranged 3d files and textures.
  • Added import of textures animation.
  • Speech can be redirected to headphones while all environment sound is played in speakers.
  • Added support of 24/32 bit compressed/uncompressed TGA textures.
  • Added export/import of smoke, meta smoke and explosion databases.
2011-12-04 1.14.1
  • Fixed opaque winter Hind windshield (by dfang)
  • Changed suspension data for Apache Longbow, Havoc, Hokum-B and Comanche (by dfang)
  • Fixed CTD on exit with custom EXPLOS.CSV
  • Fixed compass and ADI in Apache Longbow cockpit
  • Fixed ADI in Apache and default cockpits
  • Fixed GWUT: None if the specified gwut file is absent
1.15.0 Green check.png
Star icon.png


  • OH-58D Kiowa Warrior cockpit and external (by Soczkien)
  • AH-1Z Viper cockpit (by dfang)
  • UH-60 Blackhawk external (by Soczkien)
  • Ka-50 cockpit (unfinished) (by Soczkien)
  • Hind moving map carret
  • New map - Europe (by Soczkien)
  • Clouds puffs (by Soczkien)
  • Newer sound effects (by Doctor_Wibble)
  • Additional UI screens (by dfang)
  • Added support of WAV files (mono PCM, 8 and 16 bits, any sane frequency)
  • Improved explosions import

Bug fixes

  • Fixed payload for Blackhawk
  • No crush while displaying destroyed Yak or Falcon
  • Preserving proportions of background screens for wide displays
  • No test of video modes on enumeration

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