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Sections of this page have not been updated since 2013, and may be inaccurate. Much has changed in the mod and eech.ini file itself since then. Will update more later.


The eech.ini file contains game settings and parameters.

Edit eech.ini

Click on the name to get an expanded explanation for an item.
  1. Open eech.ini
    Original install with disc path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Razorworks\cohokum\eech.ini
    Default GOG install path: C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Comanche vs Hokum\cohokum\eech.ini
  2. Save
  3. Restart the game

List of parameters


  • The explanations in this survey are brief in nature. For an expanded explanation, click on the according parameter name (left column), if clickable.
  • The "realism" column represents the value setting to be considered most realistic.
  • Grayed out parameters are consider less important and most often default will do.
  • Scales go from 0.0 (0%) to 1.0 (100%).


Multiplayer settings. Most settings wouldn't need adjustments.

parameter explanation default type realism
maxplayers maximum players allowed 4 value (0 - )
ipa IP address to connect to blank IP address
usemaster Reports game to internet server 0 toggle
pss primary server internet address website
sss secondary server internet address website
ccrs connection receive size 215040 bytes
cdrs connection data record size 215040 bytes
cpbs connection package buffer size 215040 bytes
cpds connection packet data size 512 bytes
cgs use DirectPlay guaranteed send 0 toggle
crls package history list size 1000 packages
crl re-requesting package 10 times
cpt time delay for re-requesting package 5 seconds
crto time before assuming re-requested packets was lost 2 seconds
mur max update framerate for server 5 frames/sec
cig interpolate helicopter position 1 toggle
cvc validate connection 1 toggle
cptl flow rate of packets (modem) 10 packages
cto timeout for removing dead players 15 seconds
eufr client server entity update framerate 2 frames/sec
css show communication stats 0 toggle
cist comms initial sleep time 500 seconds
servlog server log blank filename

Dedicated server

The following settings (in green) are related to the dedicated server mode.

parameter explanation default type realism
dedicated dedicated server mode 0 toggle
pauseserv pause server if no clients connected 0 toggle
game_type type of game to host 0 mode select
gunship_type dummy value 8 mode select
path path to map (campaign or skirmish) blank path

Graphics and Textures

Most useful for troubleshooting purposes.

parameter explanation default type realism
cbar resolving distance for city blocks 1500 meters
fs full screen mode 1 on
mfr maximum framerate 60 frames/sec
notnl Disables GeForce "TnL" support 0 toggle
3dreset Reset screen resolution to 640x480 0 toggle
palette use textures.pal 1 toggle
eofullrange EO object rendering up to the fog border 0 toggle 1
render-tree-shadows Render tree shadows 0 toggle 1
dwash Creates downwash dust. 0 toggle 1
restricted_nvg_fov Simulates night vision goggles. 1 toggle 1
colourmfd More colors for MFDs. 1 toggle 1
highreshud High resolution for HUD. 1 toggle 1
tsdrender TSD rendering mode mode
tsdpalette TSD palette mode mode
tsdenemy colour enemies / friendlies on TSD MFD 0 toggle 1?
tsddetail TSD MFD in high detail 0 toggle
texture_colour enable texture colouring (0 - default, 1 - new terrain textures, 2 - new terrain textures + noise maps) 0 number
texture_filtering enable texture filtering 0 toggle
mipmapping enable mipmapping 0 toggle
dynamic_water enable dynamic water 0 toggle
night_light darkness level 1.0 scale
persistent_smoke persistent smoke 1 toggle 1
themes Use alternate psd files. Set the value to 0 to use original artworks.

Views and Cameras

minfov field of view: minimum 20 value
maxfov0 field of view: maximum 80 value
g-force_head_movement g-forces applied to head movement 1.0 scale
X_pilot pilot's head position in wideview
hud_code HUD color for all helicopters.
wobbly-camera Makes the external camera wobble. 1 toggle


parameter explanation default type realism
advancedfm Alternative flight model. 0 toggle 0
enginerealism Simulation realistic engine behavior. 1 toggle 1
enginestartup Start up engines manually. 0 toggle 1
drbs floating point for retreating blade stall 1.0 range
drv drag on tail rotation 1.0 scale
dra tail rotation acceleration 0.8 scale
drd main rotor drag 0.8 scale
dmrl main rotor lift 1.0 scale
dtrd tail rotor drag 1.0 scale
dzd cyclic dead zone 0.0 scale
dyal yaw altitude loss 2.5 range
debug_show_force_vectors show force vectors on helicopter 0 toggle


wut Create more difficulty. file gwut190.csv


parameter explanation default type realism
chaff effectiveness 1.0 scale 1.0
flare effectiveness 1.0 scale 1.0
smoke effectiveness 1.0 scale 1.0
fog The "fog of war" to reshroud enemy sector info 14400 minutes
cpac Capture landed aircraft to become usable by your side. 1 toggle 0
uit user invulnerable time when starting mission 5 seconds 0
faa Allows you to fly all helicopters (helicopters without their own cockpit, flight model will fly as an Apache) 0 toggle
radarinf Makes infantery invisble to radar (more realistic) 0 toggle 1?
grstab Allows you to press CTRL+S to stabalize EO cameras, for easier aiming while manouvering. 0 toggle 1
manual_laser/radar Activate laser and radar manually (more realistic). 0 toggle 1
targeting_system_auto_page Autoswitch MFD along with target acquisition system. 1 toggle 0
camcom Campaign commander. Create/delete missions within a campaign. 0 toggle 0
campaign_map_mode Map resolution. Higher resolutions look better, but may be slow on bigger maps/slower computers. 1 mode
campaign_map_palette Map palette. 1 is colorful shades from green through red to white. 2 looks more like a paper map. 1 mode
map_update_interval How often (in seconds) enemy unit positions are updated on the map. 120 seconds 120?
destgt Designated target list for better target management. 0 toggle 1
cannontrack cannon response to head movement 1 switch 2

Joysticks and TrackIR

parameter explanation default type realism
The following grayed out parameters are related to hardware configurations, which is done ingame.
eopann joystick number for camera panning number
eopanv joystick axis for vertical panning number
eopanh joystick axis for horizontal panning number
eozoomn joystick number for camera zooming number
eozoomax joystick axis for camera zooming number
cyclicn joystick number for cyclic number
cyclich joystick axis for cyclic horizontal number
cyclicv joystick axis for cyclic vertical number
nonlinear-cyclic non-linear control for cyclic 1 toggle
collectiven joystick number for collective number
collectiveax joystick axis for collective number
nonlinear-pedals non-linear control for pedals 1 toggle
nonlinear-collective-zone1 non-linear control fine adjustments 0.30 scale
nonlinear-collective-zone2 non-linear control fine adjustments 0.70 scale
ruddern joystick number for rudder input number
rudderax joystick axis for rudder input number
nonlinear-pedals non-linear control for rudders number
joylookn joystick number for joystick look number
joylookh joystick axis for horizontal look number
joylookv joystick axis for vertical look number
joylookst joystick look steps 30 number
reverse_pedal reverse pedal input 0 toggle
external_trackir Use TrackIR to control external cameras 0 toggle
external_trackir_dir invert external camera TrackIR control 0 toggle
msl Mouselook. Look around using the mouse. mode 1
msls mouselook speed 15 value
TIR_6DOF Enable TrackIR to use 6 "degrees of freedom". 0 toggle


parameter explanation default type realism
filter session filtering 1 toggle
autosave Automatically saves the progress in an AUTOSAVE save file. 0 minutes
dfr Displays the frame rate in the upper left of the screen. 0 toggle
goto "goto" possibility within a campaign 0 toggle 0
vfm vector flight model 0 toggle 0
psr Pilot start rank for new created pilots. 1 range 1
ns bypass soundcard 0 toggle
hdwrbuf hardware buffers (0 = software only) 0 amount
mta maximum multiplier for time acceleration 4 integer 1
nomcm no mission complete music 0 toggle
MEMEXPORT Enables the output of several variables to a shared memory area. 0 toggle


The eech.ini file started initially as a replacement for command line parameters.

External links

More information about eech.ini parameters:

  • explanations within the eech.ini file
  • readme file in game directory