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General questions (newbies)

Q.png What are the system requirements?
A.png The minimal system requirement are: 800 MHz, 128 MB, 4 MB video and 650 MB disk space.

The recommended system requirement are: 1500 MHz, 256 MB, 64 MB video and 1.5 GB disk space.

More information.png More information: system requirements, video card approval

Q.png How old is this game?
A.png Brand new! The game is constantly updated with new features. Although the original game is several years old, the latest community patches makes it rival the latest games.

More information: media, screenshots, timeline

Q.png Is EECH freeware?
A.png Yes and no. The original game is not freeware, the community mods are free ware. The original game is not expensive to purchase anymore.

More information.png More information: acquire EECH

Q.png Is there a forum?
A.png Of course there is. Click here.
Q.png Is this game realistic?
A.png The game tends to be as realistic as possible. Do understand that lots of information (radar range for example) could compromise national security when shared world wide. Due to this fact, not all information is available. In that case realism could be a matter of perception.
Q.png How do I install this game?
A.png There is an article about it.

More information.png More information: installation guide

Q.png Where can I find screenshots of this game?
A.png Here.
Q.png Is there a demo available?
A.png The demo is no longer available, as the locations that hosted the download are no longer available.

Gameplay related questions

Q.png What do I need EEAH for?
A.png With EEAH install you get working gauages for the Havoc cockpit. This is the only difference.
Q.png Do you have some tips and tricks for me?
A.png Yes, of course. Here.
Q.png Can I replace all Comanches by Apaches?
A.png Open ..\common\data\FORMCOMP.DAT with a text editor and replace all entries.
Q.png How can I increase the difficulty level?
A.png You definitely have to try a WUT file.
Q.png The Apache camera screen is black & white in real life, why is it green in the game?
Apache's real MFD color

Not correct, the Apache camera MFD screen uses green shades. Only video recordings are black & white, as seen on YouTube.

Technical questions

Q.png Where can I find the save game files?
A.png Save game files have the SAV and SCH extension. The file name is the name given in the game.

File directory: ...\common\maps\...

Q.png What is a WUT file?
A.png Basically, it alter the game's difficulty level.

More information.png More information: WUT files

Q.png Does EECH support widescreen resolutions?
A.png Yes, although note that maximum resolution in any direction is 2048. This is a limitation in DirectX 7 which EECH uses.
Q.png Where can I get the source code and instructions on how to compile?
A.png Please see the development page on participation infos.

Troubleshooting questions

These question are located elsewhere.

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