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System requirements

This article tries to inform you what it's like to play this game.

About the game

First of all, do understand this game tends to be a simulation game. Simulation performance comes with great knowledge about a wide range of things. Like:

  • ground school stuff
    flight dynamics (ground school)
  • a large amount of keyboard controls
  • familiarization with combat situations
    • attacking enemy defense units
    • defending from enemy fighters

This is game is by no means arcade! It's not even close to it.

The game has a steep learning curve. You will find out after a while that you gain a lot of knowledge about vehicle helicopters, weapons systems, combat realism, etc.

The game has a bad multiplayer performance. Although, it is possible to play together via the Internet, it's not superb.

Hardware adding to game experience

Playing with TrackIR

TrackIR device
A TrackIR is a device that can track a player's head movements. The player is able to change the pilot's view direction by moving his head. The device is attached to your computer screen. It will read your head movements and implement it in the game. This is best explained by a movie.

Movie-icon.png TrackIR explained

pricetag: ± $179.95
current version: 4.0

Playing with a Joystick

You can try out the game just with your keyboard. But if you want to have some nap of the earth (NOE) flight experience you should try a joystick.

If you find yourself tapping the autopilot key everytime you're facing a difficult manoeuvre (like facing waypoint A after take off) you're in need of a joystick.


  • Have a joystick with all 3 movement inputs (e.g. cyclic, throttle and rudder)
  • Have a joystick with many buttons.
When having both hands on the joystick and you get fired upon you can't make it to the keyboard. You'll have to have all priority buttons in close proximity of your hands.
pricetag: ± €50,00
example: Saitek Cyborg Evo


The Saitek's X-52 HOTAS
A HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick) is superior over the 1 stick joystick. With even more buttons, the degree of game control is pretty well.
pricetag: ± €150,00
most common: Saitek X45

Saitek X52
Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar (F16 replica)

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