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This page shows you the requirements for accessing the EECH source code, which is located in a Git repository on CodebaseHQ


You will need a Git client. This can downloaded from the Git site.

Github Account

The source code is held in Github. See the SimHQ forum post for instructions on how to access it EECH Source Code Access

SSH Keys

Once you have activated your account and as a requirement in order to clone the repository you have to provide a SSH key.

Creating and uploading the key

TortoiseGit should install a copy of the "PuttyGen" program in the "bin" subfolder of its installation directory. Use this program to create a SSH2-RSA 1024 bit keypair (the default settings should be ok, just press the "Generate" button). Once this is done, you may paste the generated public key into the mask in your webbrowser (you reach this by clicking the "Add new SSH Public Key" link in your CodebaseHQ profile). Save the private key into a 'ppk' file on your development machine (you will need this one later on).
Puttygen just created a key; the public key is marked and can be copied directly into your browser
Adding a public SSH key
The SSH key entry mask in your profile

Please note that you can generate and add the SSH key after the initial account activation.

Cloning a repository

The Github help pages have detailed instructions on how to clone a repository.

Cloning a Repository