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Acronym Word covering Explanation
APU Auxiliary Power Unit A small generator to help start the gas turbines.
ASE Aircraft Survivability Equipment An MFD page displaying threats, available countermeasures and inbounding missiles.
DTV Daylight TeleVision A camera used for target identification during daytime.
EEAH Enemy Engaged Apache Havoc The official name.
EECH Enemy Engaged RAH-66 Comanche versus Ka-52 Hokum The official name of this game.
EOS Electro-Optical Systems Camera like systems for acquiring targets.
FLIR Forward Looking Infrared A night vision device helping to pilots to operate at night.
HMS Helmet Mounted Sight A "HUD" mounted on a helmet.
HUD Head Up Display An overlay to visually mark targets and flight information.
MFD Multi Function Display A (computer) display able to display multiple pages.
NFZ No Fire Zone A marked area on the TSD display, with no engagement allowed.
PFZ Priority Fire Zone A marked area on the TSD display, with engagement priority.
PNVS Pilot Night Vision System A infrared camera slaved to the Apache pilots head
TADS Target Acquisition and Designation System A sensor package on the Apache with electro-optical sensors.
TSD Tactical Situation Display An MFD page displaying threats and targets.

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