MFD Export

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MFD export allows you to display the MFDs on a separate monitor.


  1. EECH has to run in full screen mode.
  2. Both monitors/adapters have to be configured in dualview mode. Not in clone mode! If you click on Start->Control Panel->Display Properties->Settings->Identify both screens should show different numbers. (These numbers have nothing to do with the number in export_mfd_adapter=n. Here you have to try the numbers (0,1,2,3,...) until it works.)
  3. The defined MFD export screen resolution has to be supported by the export monitor

The best way to configure the screens

  • set monitors in dualview mode
  • delete game.cfg
  • run eech with mfdexport disabled
  • configure the main screen in the game options menu
  • quit EECH
  • enable mfdexport and set mfd_export_adapter=0
  • run EECH

If the game crashes (hangs or shows error message) then try mfd_export_adapter=1 (2,3,..)

MFD export should also work with different (mixed) graphic cards, e.g. the main screen is on one card and the MFDs on the other card. But both MFDs can only be displayed on the same card. It is not possible to put one mfd on one card and the second mfd on the other card.