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Starters Guide:
  1. Gameplay
  2. Acquire EECH
  3. Installation guide
  4. Multiplayer guide
  5. Quick start

System requirements

Good reads

  1. the keycard
  2. both manuals
  3. strategy guides
  4. gameplay articles at EECH Central

Important note

It's not possible to do manual target acquisition and selection by default. This is done by the computer controlled CP/G (co-pilot/gunner). It's advised to keep it like this for your first flight.

Getting started


  1. Select Combat on the Main screen
  2. Select Free Flight on the Combat screen
  3. Select a scenario on the Session screen
  4. Select OK
  5. Select a gunship in the Gunship screen
  6. Press SELECT

The next screen will show you inside a helicopter.


Without altering the default settings, the following cheats are enabled:

  • infinite weapons
  • infinite fuel
  • invulnerability (no crashes)
  • passive mode (no enemy engagements or retaliations)

Getting airborn

  1. Press R
    The rotor brakes are released. The rotor blades will start to spin and the canopy doors will close. When the main rotor RPM has reached 90% the RTR RPM warning light will turn off.
  2. Press Q for a longer period.
    The helicopter will take off and start to climb.
  3. move the helicopter by using the following keyboard keys:
Q increase collective
A decrease collective
Z left rudder
X right rudder
cursor keys lateral movement

More useful keys:

backspace weapons selection cycle
space fire weapon
function keys (F1 - F12) camera


CTRL + Q quit to main menu
CTRL + X quit to desktop