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Saitek's Profile Editor (older version)

Saitek has build an application to bind keys to buttons on the their joystick. While the program graphical user interface looks somewhat sloppy, the user interface is quite well thought.

Important to know is that Saitek has recently updated there profile file format. Previously profiles were saved as .dat files, now it's .pr0. The software is not backwards compatible. Once installed the new software (and drivers) the old profile .dat file will not work. Returning to a previous installation is nearly impossible. Only a new Windows installation can help if you have saved the drivers and software. The new software has hardly any improvements, only there's a different GUI look.

Help file

The help file is pretty decent and reading it would certainly reveal much of the program's ability.

aux. slider

Keep in mind the the aux slider is a different one. If assigned the R to the aux slider 2 position, the joystick's job would be to press the R key constantly (multiple times a second). This could causes a lot of trouble when not knowing this.

Loaded profile

Also mindful to know is that when the profile is loaded, it also works within Windows as well. Taking the R press for example. When bringing notepad up, it will result in a page with lots of R's!

Mode selectors

The mode selector (also a slider, but different from the former) and the pinky switch are neat features to reassign buttons when entering a new mode. The mode selector is as straight forward as it can be, the pinky switch works like the keyboard's SHIFT button, when pressed all keys gets different meanings (capitals or different symbols).

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