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Starting with version 1.8.5, EECH exports some in-game variables to a shared memory area in order to allow cockpit builders to drive external instruments or even monitors.


By changing the value of the eech.ini variable MEMEXPORT from 0 to 1, external programs may be used to retrieve these variables.

Provided Data

In current versions, some of the dynamics data and all of a helicopter's lamp bits are exported. Please note that the export of MFD and HUD textures is not supported (although this featured existed in some test versions) since this goes along with a big performance decrease. Instead, use the MFDExport feature _mue implemented.

External Tools

With the MEMEXPORT switch set to 1, EECH only provides data. In order to actually read and use this data, an external program is needed. This program may read and visualize the data, or it may only make this data available to other (possibly remote) clients, which will do the drawing (or which will drive instruments).

One such program is the EECH CommServer, which provides the data in the IL2 'devicelink' format to be used with a client called UDPSpeed.

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