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example / default

Sword In The Sand*


quality: Star full.png Star full.png Star full.png Star full.png Star full.png
gameplay: Star full.png Star full.png Star full.png Star full.png Star empty.png pro: Small map, quick completion. Great training ground.
con: Not much differences in the terrain, some planes though.
user experiences: Great terrain to start experiencing the game. Has no sea level, which leaves something to experience in the (near) future. The map is crowded with targets and targets of opportunity. The final battle end up in zone 016,004 (blue force victory). Overtaking FARPS is a great strategy for a fast campaign outcome.
briefing: For ten years both Saudi Arabia and Yemen have been squabbling over the exact course of their mutual border, resulting in frequent armed clashes. As both sides re-arm with the sate of the art equipment from their respective superpower patrons the discovery of rich oil deposits in the disputed region escalates the tension. Finally, another confrontation on the border triggers one or both side to lose patience and the desert reverberates to the sound of helicopter engines as battle is joined over a 'line in the sand'.
default season: desert

Balance of Power

balance of power blue force map red force map
Campaign Yemen BoP 03.png Campaign Map (West) Campaign Map (East)


Blue side
item count
AH-64A Apache 2
AH-64D Apache Longbow 24
RAH-66 Comanche 36
AH-1W Super Cobra 2
UH-60 Blackhawk 24
OH-58D Kiowa Warrior 4
CH-3 Jolly Green Giant 2
CH-47D Chinook 2
Red side
item count
Mi-28N Havoc B 28
Ka-52 Alligator 42
Ka-50 Black Shark 2
Mi-24V Hind 28
Mi-6 Hook 2
Other hardware
item count
combat aircraft 22
transport aircraft 3
combat vehicles 71
artillery 26
air defence units 118
transport vehicles 46
infantry 29
warships 0
airbases 2
FARPs 24
carriers 0

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  • Combat Aircraft: 16
  • Transport Aircraft: 2
  • Combat Vehicles: 78
  • Artillery: 22
  • Air Defence Units: 115
  • Transport Vehicles: 41
  • Infantry: 9
  • Warships: 0
  • Airbases: 2
  • FARPs: 25
  • Carriers: 0



  • map size
  • width size for choppers column