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This page is about hints in the gameplay. It helps to survive and improve your skills.

  1. The best way to avoid a fight with fixed wing aircraft is simply not turning on your radar.
  2. SAMs/AAAs are actively scanning for air threats. You will be detected soon after you emerged from a hill.
  3. Though you can receive radar scanning signal it doesn't mean you've been detected. Especially for the Comanche with no fixed wings.
  4. Go low and slow. Don't rush. This is called "natural stealth".
  5. Stay out of the main battle tanks' machine gun range (up to 3 km).
  6. Request for artillery strike (keys: TAB --> 3 --> 3). Those guys can take out battalions of tanks for you. Their range is up to 32 km.
  7. Take out priority targets first.
    1st: flying armed aircraft
    2nd: AAA/SAM
    3rd: grounded aircraft
    4th: tanks and armoured personnel carriers
    5th: valued buildings (like the "spawning pool" buildings)
    5th: unarmed targets
  8. Never overfly dead targets. The one you missed will get you!
  9. The chances of getting out of an [attack] helicopter battle alive is about 50%. Because the attack helicopters are evenly balanced in this game. No real pilot would take such a risk! Remember, the helicopter's major advantage comes when busting tanks.
  10. When attacked by enemy helicopters/fighter:
    1. gain altitude
      You already have been detected, so staying low doesn't have priority anymore. With altitude you create room for error.
    2. face the target
      You cannot outrun missiles. Don't try it. Offense is the best defense. Take the helicopter down.
    3. Look at ASE screen. Spoof incoming missiles.
      Launch many chaffs and flares! It's a do or die situation.
    4. If you have time, make them get busy! Select air radar, a weapon, a target and start firing!
      The less time they have to shoot you down, the better. Make sure every aircraft has one missile to deal with.
      Same with chaffs and flares, don't spare them (if you have enough missiles).
    5. Again, don't forget to take note of the ASE.
    6. If you've bought yourself some more time (probably they are too busy avoiding your missiles) narrow your air radar scan and select the laser Hellfire.
      For example. Dealing with 4 helicopters. Send 2 Stingers at 2 of them. And launch 2 laser Hellfires as well, select one of the other helicopters for the laser Hellfire. Once he's down, make sure the other Hellfire is going at the last helicopter. The first 2 helicopters will probably survive, but will not bother you much, they're busy.

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