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A.png If the game doesn't work well. First try deleting the game.cfg and eech.ini file. This might fix the problem.

path: C:\Program Files\Razorworks\cohokum


Q.png I got an error saying: FILE_TAG: unrecognised tag DIAMOND.
A.png Overwrite the original FORMS.DAT file, with this file.

path: C:\Program Files\razorworks\common\data\FORMS.DAT

Q.png I got an error saying: Error opening file for reading: C:\Razorworks\common\..\common\data\brief_en.dat.
A.png Go to the install disk and manually copy all .dat files to the razorworks/common/data directory to your hard disk.'
Q.png I get a black screen after updating the game.
A.png Delete game.cfg. Deleting this file causes the game to reevaluate your hardware and maybe fix your problems.

path: \Razorworks\cohokum\game.cfg.

A.png Try a different version of your video card driver.
Q.png I can't get the installation right. What now?
A.png Consider to attempt the manual installation instead.
Q.png EECH crashes when entering the Apache cockpit.
A.png In the eech.ini, set Palette=0
A.png Upgrade EECH to the latest version.
Q.png EECH crashes when entering the co-pilot's cockpit in the Apache
A.png In the eech.ini, set nrt=0


Q.png I can't select a target!
A.png Go to Options (button) > Realism (button) > Avionics (box) > Realistic (input)
Q.png The RADAR and/or FLIR does not work.
A.png Go to Options (button) > Realism (button) > Avionics (box) > Realistic (input)
A.png You might have render to texture disabled.

Set nrt to 0 in eech.ini.

A.png Check that you are flying a helicopter which actually carries a radar, many don't.
Q.png The Apache doesn't show on the TSD a map background.
A.png Press KeyShift.jpg + KeyD.jpg.

More information.png More information: advanced TSD


Q.png I only see the blue sky and the HUD.
A.png Be sure to install the 1.4.1C patch. (readme).
Q.png The textures looks weird, like this:

bad textures

A.png Set the following settings in eech.ini as shown here:
Q.png I get a weird graphic bleeding effect once the campaign starts. It starts out small then takes up the whole screen within a minute or so. Big white blocks eventually whiting out the screen.
A.png Upgrade to 1.11.1.
Q.png I see graphic corruptions (like black spikes inside the helicopter) after a bit of flying.
A.png Set the notl command line parameter to 1 in eech.ini.
Q.png I got a create font null [120] error message after installing the community upgrades.
A.png You probably haven't installed the official patches before you installed the community upgrades.
Q.png At high fields of view (FOV) some objects look ugly or even disappear completely.
A.png Enable the high_lod_hack setting in the eech.ini. This will hurt the framerate, especially when near cities.
Q.png I got mouse issues in the menus.
A.png ALT-TAB back to windows and re enter the game immediately after.
A.png Turn off the anti-aliasing on the graphics card.
A.png Set the game graphics to 16 bit rendering in eech.ini.
Q.png There's a visibility problem with tanks when using FLIR/DTV.
Tank visibility problem
A.png Open eech.ini and adjust the value of notnl=0 to 1.
notnl set to 1
Q.png The smoke is killing my framerate!
A.png Disable persistent_smoke in eech.ini.
Q.png EECH doesn't support the resolutions I know my monitor supports
A.png Set 3dreset=1 in eech.ini or on the command line will force EECH to recheck which resolutions the graphics

card supports. If not even this work you can try to force the resolution with the command line option Use at own risk, and only if you know for sure your graphics and monitor card supports the resolution. E.g. to force a resolution of 1920x1200 start EECH like this from the command line:

cohokum 3dw:1920 3dh:1200 force_resolution

If EECH is able to start up with the resolution it should remember it so you only have to do this once. But you still won't be able to select it from the options menu, so don't change resolution from there afterwards.

Q.png I have an nvidia GFX card, and get slow frame rates
A.png Try the following settings in nvidia control panel, it works for some:
Anisotropic filtering 16x
Antialiasing 8x
Tripple Buffer = ON
Vert Sync = Force ON


Q.png I do not get any in-game music.
A.png The music was removed from the US version, reason not entirely clear.

Also the music was removed by the moderators.

Q.png I can only select 2 helicopters, although I have installed Apache Havoc.
A.png The SIDE selection screen is only used for choosing which side you wish to play. All gunships are chosen on the campaign map screen.
Look at the GROUPS tab, Apaches and Havocs are listed as attack helicopters, whereas Comanches and Hokums are listed as recon/attack.
Q.png The view moves up immediately after entering the cockpit.
A.png Install latest version.
Q.png My joystick doesn't work.
A.png Install latest version.
Q.png With TrackIR I can move my head around to change position, but I cannot turn it to look to the sides or up.
A.png Enable mouse look. Press KeyCtrl.jpg + KeyDelete.jpg while playing.

More information.png More information: TrackIR

Q.png Once I lift off the ground the helicopter spins wildly to one side
A.png Enable cross coupling in dynamics section of options menu. Otherwise you have to manually compensate for torque with tail rotor pedals (press pedal in opposite direction of spin until it stops).

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