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Insertion in motion

Tips for insertion missions

  • Navigate to waypoint X your target zone.
  • Alter the FORMCOMP.DAT file and let an assault helicopter take lead in the flight. He can give you air/ground cover through out the flight and be on combat air patrol for enemy presence, while you're landing the helicpter with troops on board.
    If your using the default FORMCOMP.DAT the wingman can do the same. The lead helicopter always deploys the troops.
  • On the approach to the target zone you need to go "weapons safe" (CTRL + backspace). This will bring up your navigation HUD and displays the distance to waypoint X. You need to monitor this distance and land inside 30 meters (WUT190.cvs) of the target zone to deploy troops.
  • Once you have landed in the target zone, select external camera (F5) and watch the doors on the helicopter open and the troops deploy, then the doors close again.
  • Look for cover if you're under fire, let the assault helicopters deal with it.
    When using blue force's BlackHawk. This helicopter is lethal up close if you combine TrackIR/IHADSS/Hellfire. Stay low and use the terrain, draw the enemy in close.
  • Sometimes lead helicopters will not proceed after waypoint Y, and keep hanging above the same location. To solve this, manual next waypoint selecting is required. To do that, switch helicopter, select next waypoint (W) and hop back into the right helicopter.
    Easy "helicopter hopping" can be done as follows:
    1. Press ALT + F6 to switch to wingmen external camera view.
    2. Press U to take over that helicopter.
    3. Press W to select next waypoint.
    4. Use the same technique to hop back into the initial helicopter.

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