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  • Clients need to have a WUT file activated. Hosts definitely have to for multiplayer performance.
  • In a multiplayer game the WUT file is transfered from host to client.
  • Old type WUT files uses the txt extension.


Attention.png Every WUT file till 1.9.0 (gwut190.csv) is obsolete and cannot be used for the current game version.

The name of the file refers to the game version at the time when they were released.

File name Comments
gwut146X.csv* Represents the default values of the game.
gwut151D.csv* = gwut146X.csv, plus:
  • Increases overall game difficulty
  • Increases scan capability of aircraft and vehicles
  • Increases speed of aircraft and vehicles
  • Increases weapon's distruction rate
  • Increases the damage rate of the chaingun
gwut1613h.csv* = gwut151D.csv, plus:
  • Increases aggressiveness of helicopter and fighters (acting like they are on a strike mission)
gwut162b.csv* = gwut1613h.csv, plus:
  • fixed multiple values by comparing them to the real life values:
    • cruise velocity for helicopters changed
    • damage level for all helicopters better balanced
    • recon radius for F-16 and MIG-29 to 15000 increased
    • rockets burn time, damage capability, effective range and cruise speed fixed
  • waypoint ranges for navigation, recon and insertion fixed
  • the radar "zoom" distances changed
  • some ammo values tweaked
gwut182.csv* = gwut162b.csv, plus:
  • a few missile tweaks
gwut190.csv = wut182, plus:
  • weapon ballistics

* These WUT file are obsolete.

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