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sitemap hierarchic order

I suggest modifying the sitemap a little and moving some articles to avionics section.

This is my example, but it's a table of content. Maybe we should change sitemap into table of content. A sitemap is not really fitting into Wikipedia style (everythink links to everything, rather than a hierarchic outlining. Kassie 22:58, 11 May 2007 (CEST)

Razorworks link

I removed the link back to Razorworks since it can be found on both the main page and under links.

Roger. That's okay.

external links linked here

Does external links qualify to be listed under a sites sitemap (Pilotage)?

Good point. It's not part of this site, so, indeed, it does not belong to a sitemap. I made an external link article. And linked THAT particular page here. That would do fine for all external links.

Great our talk and effort, I like it.