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This timeline shows how the Enemy Engaged series developed.

Timeline of the Enemy Engaged series


Timeline-2-legend 1.png developer's line
Timeline-2-legend 2.png full game release
Timeline-2-legend 3.png upgrade (number and release dates are irrelevant)


Razorworks initiated the development of the Enemy Engaged (EE) series. They released Apache Havoc (EEAH) first, followed closely by the release of Comanche Hokum (EECH) one year later. Soon after the EECH release, Razorworks has been acquired by Empire Interactive (November 2000). In February 2003 the source code is released and consequently an open community start developing the game further. Early 2005, G2 Games started the development of the next Enemy Engaged release. They implemented only the developments made by the community so far. Meanwhile the open community keeps continuing there efforts and thereby expanding the game content. Enemy Engaged 2 (EE2) has been released medio 2007.

The current upgraded EECH game (yellow) and EE2 (green) differs in content and performance. A survey of the differences can be found here.

The open community is accommodated at SimHQ.

Games content comparison

Game content comparison in a nutshell.

EEAH similarities, but: is EECH, plus: is EECH, but:
  • 3 warzones
  • 2 helicopters
  • 2D cockpits
  • 3 (different) warzones
  • 2 (different) helicopters
  • 3D cockpits
  • enhanced graphics
  • 15+ warzones
  • tons of more features
  • 3D Apache cockpit
  • 3D Hind cockpit
  • enhanced graphics
  • 2 warzones (total)
  • few more features

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