Installation guide with EEAH

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Use this installation procedure if you have both CDs (EECH and EEAH).

The EEAH installation is useful for just 1 thing. I.e. It makes the dials and gauges for the Havoc cockpit work in EECH (all other cockpits already work correctly in EECH). The 3 original EEAH maps are already implemented in EECH.

Installation procedure

Follow these instruction in advance of the EECH installation.

  1. install EEAH
  2. run the game once
    This will unpack the graphics files.
  3. download and install patch 1.1E if required. If downloaded from, then the game is already patched.
  4. run the game once again
  5. continue with installation procedure...

NOTE! EEAH and EECH have different default install directories. After you install EEAH, make sure you point your EECH install to the same "Razorworks" directory.