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This is the manual installation guide. If ignorant, pick the recommended installation procedure first, before attempting this guide. The main purpose of this page is to show all steps separately. Which could be helpful if the recommended installation procedure fails.

Determine proper installation sequence

Below is a table with all possible installation procedures. Please pick the right sequence in the table.

EEAH EECH add-ons proper sequence
no yes yes Skip the EEAH install procedure. Install All Mods.
yes yes yes Follow the complete installation procedure. Do NOT install All Mods.
no no yes It's not possible to install the game. EECH is required.
yes no yes It's not possible to install the game. EECH is required.
yes yes no Skip only the community mods installation sequence, install the 1.4.7X patch instead

EEAH CD: In possession of the EEAH?
EECH CD: In possession of the EECH?
add-ons: Prefer to install the community add-ons?

Installation procedure

1. EEAH install procedure

  1. Install EEAH from the CD or download
  2. Run the game once
    To unpack the graphics files.
  3. Install patch 1.1E, if required. (The download is patched to the latest version)
  4. Run the game once again.

2. EECH install procedure

  1. Install EECH from the CD or download
  2. Install patch 1.4.1C, if required. (The download is patched to the latest version)
    If you start EECH now, there is a confirmation in the upper right corner of the screen that the game has detected the EEAH installation.

3. Community mods install procedure

  1. Download and install the mods
    download location: Main Page
  2. The corresponding settings seen within eech.ini.
    Launch the game once
  3. Open eech.ini
  4. Change the following settings to 1:
    • texture_colour=1
    • texture_filtering=1
    • mipmapping=1
    • dynamic_water=1

4. Play the game!

5. Backup the game directory

If the game runs well it's advised make a backup copy of it. To backup the game, copy the entire Razorworks directory to another location.
Note: reinstalling is no longer necessary anymore. Just replace the backup directory will do.

Add-ons content

Using the community installation packages provides several extras. Like:

Check out all implemented features at the timeline page.

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