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Ffb joystick.png

Game devices with Force feedback support can create tactile feedback in response of game events - firing cannon, cockpit vibrations, changing of the forces acting on virtual pilot. Also trim control will change joystick center as well.

There are two types of effects - native gain force that can be controlled by changing ffb_dynamics, ffb_vibrations and ffb_recoil modifiers, and prepared weapon recoil effects from external files.

External effects

FFE file is a pack of standard effects with different timing and configuration. You can use any effects but there is some rules:

  • Every effect is playing until it ends, so do not make it too long - when you will try to activate some effect that is already playing, nothing will happens.
  • After enumeration all effects became separated so you need to make them all end in the same time, otherwise they will be unsynchronized - shorter effects will go forward. But you still can use start delay.

To apply your own effects to concrete weapon place *.ffe file with proper name into /cohokum/forcefeedback folder (for example M230 M789 HEDP 30mm.ffe). Weapon name you can get from GWUT file.

Enable FFB support

  1. open eech.ini
  2. look for parameter forcefeedback
  3. set it to 1

Disable FFB effects but leave FFB trim support

  1. delete all *.ffe files from /cohokum/forcefeedback folder
  2. open eech.ini
  3. look for parameter forcefeedback
  4. set it to 1
  5. look for parameters ffb_dynamics, ffb_vibrations and ffb_recoil
  6. set them all to 0.0