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This page is about Enemy Engaged 2 and how it compares to EECH. This article's point of view tries to be neutral and tries to have information fairly and without bias.


Enemy Engaged 2 started with modded version 1.6.1W5T3 (January 2005), features later developed by the community aren't implemented in Enemy Engaged 2. Basically Enemy Engaged 2 had only a graphics overhaul, but the results aren't staggering to call. The dynamic water effect for example has been greatly improved.

External reviews EE2


rating: 6.0

  • "Basically just repackages the seven-year-old original."
  • "Sluggish visual engine and buggy."
  • "Disappointing"
  • "Same as last year"



EE2 Enemy Engaged 2 by G2 Games
EECH Enemy Engaged - Comanche Hokum (modded version) by SimHQ community
graphics engine
Smiley positive.png graphics engine overhaul Smiley neutral.png older (but not outdated!) graphics engine
Smiley negative.png low polygon count on models Smiley positive.png good models and textures
Smiley positive.png greater looking dynamic water Smiley neutral.png plain looking dynamic water
Smiley neutral.png higher tree count (buggy behavior) Smiley neutral.png low tree count
Smiley negative.png 3 warzones Smiley positive.png 16 warzones
Smiley negative.png 1 color MFDs for Alligator and Comanche Smiley positive.png color MFDs for Alligator and Comanche
Smiley negative.png default looking campaign map Smiley positive.png great looking campaign map
Smiley negative.png DTV color scheme act like FLIR Smiley positive.png full colored DTV
Smiley negative.png straight Vihkr paths Smiley positive.png spiral Vihkr paths
Smiley neutral.png Apache's HUD applied to Comanche Smiley positive.png realistic Comanche HUD
Smiley negative.png no shared memory export Smiley positive.png shared memory export
Smiley negative.png no engine startup procedure Smiley positive.png realistic engine startup procedure
Smiley neutral.png old fashioned linear axis control Smiley positive.png non-linear axis for cyclic, collective and pedals
Smiley negative.png unrealistic automatic radar and laser activation Smiley positive.png manual radar and laser activation
Smiley negative.png no Priority Fire Zones Smiley positive.png Priority Fire Zones
Smiley negative.png unrestricted night vision Smiley positive.png restricted night vision
Smiley neutral.png less realistic Hellfire trajectories Smiley positive.png realistic Hellfire trajectories
Smiley neutral.png no auto rotation Smiley positive.png auto rotation
Smiley negative.png same HUD Smiley positive.png different HUD for the KA-52
Smiley neutral.png low MFD resolution Smiley positive.png high MFD resolution
Smiley negative.png no seasons Smiley positive.png seasons (summer, winter)
Smiley positive.png fly any aircraft Smiley positive.png fly any aircraft
Smiley positive.png utilize WUT files Smiley positive.png utilize WUT files
Smiley negative.png no free camera mode Smiley positive.png free camera mode
Smiley negative.png no 3D Apache cockpit Smiley positive.png 3D apache cockpit (release: Q4 2007)
Smiley positive.png TrackIR support (6 DoF) Smiley positive.png TrackIR support (6 DoF)
Smiley negative.png community? Smiley positive.png great community!
Smiley negative.png weak information sources Smiley positive.png sufficient information sources
Smiley positive.png intro movie Smiley negative.png no intro movie
Smiley neutral.png $30 Smiley positive.png $1
Smiley positive.png easy (1 CD , 1 patch) Smiley positive.png easy (1 CD, 1 patch)


Enemy Engaged 2



Enemy Engaged 2

Enemy Engaged 2 can be bought at all kinds of internet stores.


EECH (modded version) is harder to obtain, that's a noticeable disadvantage of this game. The CD is not all the time available at internet stores (i.e. eBay)! There's no legal bypass to this, because you need this CD to install all the community added content. But the price of $1 is quite beneficial to say.

More information: acquire EECH

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