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TrackIR device

This page is about how to enable the TrackIR in the game.

About TrackIR

Main article: TrackIR


  1. Install the TrackIR according manufacturer prescription.
  2. Adjust the TIR_6DOF setting to 1 within eech.ini.
  3. Setup the TrackIR properly.
    Enable the correct axis. Roll is not very useful. Aggressive is a personal taste, for faster response.
    The F2 key is obsolete the moment the TrackIR is installed, this key can be used for the centering function. The F1 key is still useful for returning to the cockpit view, so don't assign the F1 key.
    Perhaps turning on the camera heating LEDs for better performance.
  4. Enable mouse look.
    Press CTRL + DELETE (not numpad) in the game.

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