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Flight model was changed many times since the game source code was released. Right now original basic FM is not available, there are two advanced flight models on choose - latest stable FM and alternative FM in testing stage. Both models are pseudo-real because they don't make precise calculations of physical processes, simple separated functions used instead.

Flight model works only for player's aircraft, AI moving along the route from one checkpoint to another and their aircrafts just animated for visibility of flying.

Features of alternative advanced flight model

  • Individual dyn files for all helicopters (common/data/dynamics folder)
  • Some drag forces greatly decreased
  • Transitional lift greatly decreased
  • Thrust forces linked to current rotors rpm
  • No movement limit while helicopter is landed
  • Proper dynamics model for coaxial helicopters (without phantom tail rotor)
  • Air density influence on final helicopter lift can be adjusted

Alter flight model modes

  1. Open eech.ini
  2. look for parameter flight_model
  3. give the corresponding mode selection number

FM modes

0 Default advanced flight model
1 Default advanced flight model with decreased drag forces
2 Alternative advanced flight model