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Campaigns and skirmishes progression can be saved any time.


The save tab.

Manual save

Within the campaign menu, select the save tab (last tab) and fill in a name.


Fastsave is often known as quicksave. Saving the progress with a single keystroke.

keystroke: CTRL + Z

The savegame would be called FASTSAVE.


Autosave will automaticale save progress after a defined timespan (e.g. 5 minutes).

To enable autosave:

  1. open eech.ini
  2. look for parameter autosave
  3. set its value to 5

This will save the progression every 5 minutes.

Savegame backup copies

You can make game leave backup of replaced save file. Old save file will be placed in same folder with suffix "_bak" in the name.

  1. open eech.ini
  2. look for parameter saves_copies
  3. set its value to 2

You always will have one current save file and two previous.

Reload a savegame

All 3 savegames selectable.

A savegame can be picked when a map is selected. The names of the savegames show up in bright blue. Choose the right savegame and press OK to load the selected savegame.

Savegame files

Every single savegame generates 2 files, a SAV and a SCH file. These files will be located in the right campaign directory of every map.

path: C:\Program Files\Razorworks\common\maps\mapX\campX

For example, the save files of AUTOSAVE in the picture are located here:

C:\Program Files\Razorworks\common\maps\map6\camp02\AUTOSAVE.SAV
C:\Program Files\Razorworks\common\maps\map6\camp02\AUTOSAVE.SCH

Note that the name "MANUALSAVE" is created by user input.

The SCH file can be opened with a regular text editor.

Savegame issues

Savegames are lost when the game has been updated. Finish the campaign before updating or accept loss of campaign progress.