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Waypoint A.png no This is always the first waypoint. Every single member of a flight team has to hit this waypoint, before you're able to switch to waypoint B. This is to be sure that all flight team members are airborne before starting the waypoint pattern.
Waypoint W.png no This is always the last waypoint. Only the flight leader has to hits this waypoint, which triggers the air traffic controller telling you what to do next. Often it's telling you to land on a designated landing spot. But sometimes it's telling to keep on a hold pattern.
Waypoint B.png ... Waypoint V.png yes These are regular waypoints. It's not necessary to follow them closely, they're more like guidelines. Guiding through valleys, or around danger zones.
Waypoint X2.png no This is the target waypoint. Most of the time armour is located here.
  • CAS: Sometimes you're dealing with moving tanks on a combat airstrike, in that case determine the new location manually.
  • Recon: In a recon situation you have to be within 1 km of this waypoint, before a valid recon transmit becomes available.
  • Insertion: By insertion missions this is the drop off point for troops. Land within 30 meters of this waypoint.

The target waypoint can be located anywhere between 2 other waypoints.

Waypoint Y.png no
Waypoint Y on top of X
This is an addition waypoint by insertion missions. It tells the computer controlled helicopter to wait a bit, while the troops are getting out of the helicopter.

Waypoint Y is located on top of waypoint X.

yes movable waypoint
no fixed waypoint

Cargo missions (fixed wing aircraft)

Waypoint Y.png no prepare for drop off open bay doors
Waypoint Z2.png no actual drop off point drop cargo
Waypoint X.png no finishing drop off sequence close bay doors
Supply missions waypoints

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